Sandra Shine Review

Review: October 14, 2008, by Gabrio

Sandra is the official site of this sexy babe that loves lesbian sex and playing with her toys from what I can see by checking out the tour of the website, which looks sexy and easy to browse by the way. Ob the tour you can see some previews that give you an idea about the sexy contents that you can find inside the website, so hold on tight and keep on reading!


Overall rating8

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So you want to know all the juicy details about Sandra's site right? Then you are in the right place.. the members area of the website is easy to reach in fact all you have to do is clicking the link located to the left of the page that reads members and within a few seconds you will be inside, actually they ask you what kind of member you are (haha not literally, but depending by the billing processor you have used, you have a different login button for each).

I chosen the correct one for my login and in a short while the main page refreshed, note that the login screen opened in a new window which was a bit annoying to tell you the truth. The main page is rather small yet clean, at the top of the page, right below the sexy header where you can see her hot ass, you have these links: Videos, Pictures, Fun Stuff, Backstage, Diary, Coming Soon and Free Site, then you have a welcome message for all new members, then to the right you have a breakdown of the latest updates that have been added to the site and then you have Members News and that's it, you have also Members Specials and Girlfriends Secrets.

I checked out the videos first of all, you have 4 pages in total and they are all in .mov format yet you can't watch them in streaming in fact you can only choose to download them and that was a bit annoying, let's say you don't like one video, you have to download it entirely and then watch it... hmhmm not so smart...anyway in the videos you can see the hot Sandra masturbating and going in crazy lesbian scenes with her sexy friends (you knew that she's a crazy lesbian addict, right?) and I can say that she's really a dildo maniac, good for you guys.

After checking out the 4 pages with her sexy videos, I moved onto the Picture pages, downloads by the way are rather quick and I had around 750 k/sec off the site, the galleries also look good but you do not have the option of previewing the sets, also for the images, you can only download the .zip archives and then check out the photos later.


When I do the reviews of the sites, even though sometimes I do not write about this, I also check the user friendlyness and in my opinion website had a good layout however they they should also add streaming videos and the option of viewing the galleries before downloading the .zips, just like every other site on earth! As for the extra sections, you have good stuff in Backstage and her own Diary where she writes about her daily stuff and what's going on during her life.

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