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Review: June 23, 2006, by Gabrio

Phil Flash is an amazing network of sites which groups hot teen sites that recently have become very popular on the net. The list of girls that are featuring this site is very good, and inside the members area there are many models available, all you have to do is to pick the one you like the most and start browsing her site, make sure to read the full review below!


Overall rating8

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When you login to the members area of Phil Flash, you will find lots of the top, under the header you have the main links which are: Home, Amateurs, Cheerleaders, Exclusives, Guests, Live-isms and then there is a drop down menu which lets you jump to the Bonus Sites which are Brandy's site, Meredith 18's site and Tiffany Teen's site.

At the center of the page there is the featured girl which is Kendall, and you can jump to her section, then you have other chicks that feature the members area, and I thought to check out Brittany's content. I entered her section and the first page which opens presents me all her photo galleries and as far as I can see there is quite a good collection, each one has a screen shot at the left and at the right you have the description of what's going on in the set. The quality of the photos is fine and the layout is straightforward too and I have to say that she really looks hot.

Then I used the drop down menu and I jumped to Tiffany Teen's site, which opened in an instant. The first thing you see is a brief intro from Tiffany and then you have a link which lets you read her interview, so that might be a good read in case you want to know some more personal details about herself. At the top there is the menu and I have taken a look at her photos, there are 18 pages in total which means that the selection is really good, she is a very petite blonde chick and she loves to show off her body in front of the camera and she enjoys doing it!

After doing that I used the links located at the top, I clicked Amateurs and the page opened a big list of photo galleries, which have the same design as I have described above, I think that you will really like the Exclusives link since there is sexy content there, for example I loved the gallery with Amy & Brandy which are playing funny games. There are also videos available and I am sure that you're going to enjoy those.


The chicks that are featuring the members area of Phil Flash are very hot and they are also giving you access to 3 of their top sites which are Tiffany Teen, Meredith 18 and Brandy's Box, for the others you will have to get a separate membership but you can trust me that they are all worth the money, but for now make sure to enjoy yourself with the contents of Phil Flash' members area.

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