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Review: November 7, 2005, by Gabrio

Okay guys, when you think you have seen 'em all, there's always something new to see! And when I first checked out this site, I was a bit excited and surprised at the same time. Whipped Ass is a site devoted to kinky female powerplay where women get spanked and fucked! So this means that you are going to see fetish lesbian action with one girl that plays the mistress and the other that plays the slave, which gets tied twisted and abused in every way. This is an extreme site so if you're weak go away. See you inside.


Overall rating9

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As soon as you enter the members area of Whipped Ass you can get a taste of what is all about... Right in the middle in fact there is a HUGE image with two chicks, one of the chicks is laying tied on the floor while she is licking her mistress' pussy and ass and trust me it's looking hot. On the top there are 7 main links: updates, schedule, models, links, web store, resources and forums that will help you browsing around the members area. The big thumb is clickable and it takes you to the brief view update page, I will explain this in a sec. In the middle of the main index page of the members area you have a help link for movie problems and at the very bottom there are several thumbs for the other sites within their network, however keep in mind that all sites except for Free Hardcore require separate memberships.

Let's take a look at the content now! I clicked Updates from the top menu bar and the page that opened is really impressive and big, even though the layout is very simple. On the top you can choose the page you want to check out, overall there are 18 pages and each page has 11 sets so this means approximately 180 different sets, not bad huh? You can watch the photos either in hi res or low res and each girl has several pictorials available. Quality of the pics is very good, and I have to say that the action is exciting and really hardcore so you will fucking enjoy this stuff for good! Besides they have a special feature that lets you pick only the photos you prefer and then create your very own ZIP archive on the fly so you can download just what you want, cool huh?

I checked out many videos and I have to say that they are superb and besides you have the very same cool special ZIP download option available. If I can give you a suggestion, make sure to always write a different file name when using the ZIP system since they create a file which has always the same name. When it comes to the quality of the videos, they are average but their niche makes them unique and a precious for your video collection.


Bottom line, this site is hot and they have some really good content. If you are not sure about the members area when you join it, just check out the comments that have been posted by the other members, and you'll see why people love this site. They have lots of content, the navigation is easy and you get what you paid for, exactly like every site should do, and that's why I have given this site really a high score, they definitely deserve it, good job guys!

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