When Wives Cheat Review

Review: September 26, 2008, by Gabrio
When Wives Cheat

WhenWivesCheat their husbands usually never find out since girls are always smarter than us you know.... so here you are going to find cheating wives that love hardcore sex!! Maybe after checking out these girls you will be a little suspicious about your wife when she says "I am going out with my friends" hehehe, anyway let's enter the members area for knowing more details about these girls!!


Overall rating7

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If you are reading this then you will know all the juicy details about the girls from When Wives Cheat - maybe you are a cheating husband too and want to see which techniques these girls are using hehehe...the main page of the website is full of links and goodies and it's really quick moving to the other sites of the network these guys have, which are really many...in the end the link that most interests you is surely Featured Series since with that one you can browse the main cheating wives!

If you want to see what's hot on this website, a good idea might be to start browsing by checking out the Top 5 scenes list that you have on the right of the page and then tour the members area from there, that is what I have done actually....the first link at the top lead to a page where you have this movie taken from "cheating housewives 3", which sounds a bit like "desperate housewives" hehehe, I guess that we are not going to find the sexy Eva Longoria here though!

On the page I have a black window where you have the streaming video just by clicking on the little arrow as usual, then at the right you have a description about the vid you have chosen and then you have the links for downloading as well, which are in .wmv, .mp4 for ipod and .avi (xvid codec) that is the file with the highest resolution. Speed was not the greatest and I could only get around 200 k/sec but for the cheating wives you can do this and more!

If I would have to cheat with a wife like this, then I would put my sign on it right away...in the scene "cheating housewives 2", the main girl starring the scene is a sexy blonde milf that loves to jump like a rabbit, in the scene she's having sex cowgirl style and she truly has a passion for it, what a wild one! I checked out its picture gallery by clicking the link "gallery" that I found right from the same video page and that one took me to a screen caps gallery - if you want the high quality pictures you need to click the links from the main "Featured Scenes" page.


When Wives Cheat, the guys have fun I would say! These sexy women are full and bored of their coniugal life from what I can see in fact they are really active and they love having filthy sex with these younger boys, just for having fun, which is what it is all about! The content of the site looks quite good and I can just say that they should add the .zip download options for the picture galleries.....and add some more content but the site is new. Lots of Bonus Sites here.

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