Tia Ling Fetish World Review

Review: April 21, 2010, by Steve
Tia Ling Fetish World

Tia Ling Fetish World is a website where the kinky Oriental hardcore porn star decides to take a turn for the kinkier! She willingly subjects herself to all kinds of punishment and humiliation here as she gets bound, gagged, spanked and has her pussy electrocuted - but she also gets to have some revenge too as you will see in the scenes where she gets to trample on a guy's ball-sack!


Overall rating6.5

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I would presume that the site is a pretty new one, judging by the fact that only 13 videos and 39 photo galleries are available here at the time of this review. However, looking at the dating on the content, the site has actually only just started updating again after several months of inactivity. The general navigation was okay but in all fairness, it really was a site lacking in information and features. The videos, for instance, should all be dated too and it would be nice to know more about why Tia decided to set up a specialist fetish site despite being known as some of an all-round porn actress.

There were no .ZIP downloads or slideshows on the photo galleries but you could choose between medium and high quality photos with the sizes of these usually pitched at 600x400px and 1200x800px. Videos can be streamed and downloaded in shorter clips as well as downloaded at full length. All options are in .WMV format and the highest quality videos played at a pretty impressive 720x480px. Download speeds were very good indeed, and there were no DRM restrictions on any of the downloads.

I wasn't really that aware of the fact that Tia was a particularly decent fetish star - but I am now! Although TiaLingFetishWorld.com has proved to be rather stop-start in terms of its updates so far, there are weekly updates and there is certainly no reason to think that its current impressive rate of updating cannot continue. There were some unanswered questions, such as whether the content was exclusive and jut how personally involved Tia is in this site. But there was some good stuff here.

The tour hints at the more bondage based content as forming the main base of this site but this is actually more a general fetish site. There is, for instance, foot fetish and even a touch of 'fetish glamour' on offer here which is certainly a good deal less hardcore than when she has voltage shot through her private parts! Quite whether the ride on the Sybian belongs here or not is open to debate though, but I liked most of the content here.


Tia Ling Fetish World.com does a pretty convincing job of showing that the lovely Miss Ling has indeed got enough to be able to pull off such a site. The action is varied, well shot and nicely performed by her, and she looks very sexy at all times. Quite whether you can trust the haphazard update schedule though is an entirely different matter, but at least it will set you back less than $20 for a month's look.

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