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Review: October 18, 2011, by Steve

Tailynn is a cute Thai model living in Bangkok who has dreams of becoming a famous fashion model. In fact, she already does some of this kind of modelling in her home city, but for now is happy to show off her naughtier side by stripping naked and showing her petite body off. As well as sharing her own beauty with you, she wants to also share some of the beauty of her home country!


Overall rating6

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There are currently 14 videos and 30 photo galleries available to view on this site. Although updates are dated for weekly additions, the content count hasn't changed at all since the last time I visited the site, so it looks as though the content here is being rotated. Aside from this major issue, the site also makes it something of a struggle to fully appreciate the content that is on show here by not giving you separate video and photo sections. There is a nice amount of information about the lady herself but very little information about the content included.

In terms of the content viewing options, there was nothing to really go mad about. The galleries do not have a ZIP download file or slideshow option, with almost all photos sized around the 900x1200px. The video options are better, though, with Flash streaming offered and playing the videos at 720x480px. There are medium and high quality .WMV downloads as well as a high quality .MP4 download file, and again the best quality versions play at 720x480px. There are no DRM restrictions on them and download speeds were generally quite good.

I'm never quite sure what the point is of a site claiming to be adding new updates when they are doing nothing of the kind. I think people will have their own opinions, but whatever your opinion of it is, it does kind of signpost the fact that Tailynn.com is only likely to be a really good deal if you are likely to make really good use of the bonus sites - several of which are no longer updated themselves.

I guess the fact that there are so many really sexy videos and galleries on the site shows that they really could have done a lot more with this site. Some really beautifully shot outdoor scenes and photos especially stand out. Even a real lack of variety in the content does not really concern me too much because it all looks so nice on the whole. It's a shame that it's all but inactive, but there is still some stuff to enjoy here.


Unless you think you can get plenty of value out of the five bonus sites accompanying Tailynn.com, it is very unlikely that you will get great value out of your $30 per month here. It's not as if there is a lack of good content - as formulaic as it is, it is still very sexy and worth a look. But a lack of new content makes it hard to recommend as anything other than a portal to the extra sites.

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