Summer Brielle Review

Review: April 14, 2016
Summer Brielle

If there was a prototype for blonde bimbo, then Summer Brielle would be it. This porn star bombshell embodies the look, from her long golden hair, to her curvy figure and plumped up lips, all the way to her massively enhanced set of big boobs. Her solo girl site brings that screaming sex bomb look to its members with a mix of hardcore and softcore. It's a somewhat limited offering right now, but I hope to see it grow, because Summer is hot!


Overall rating6.9

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Summer has a lot going for it, and by a lot, I mean Summer herself. This blonde babe is pretty much what comes to mind when you think of porn stars. She's got huge tits (nicely enhanced), long and thick blonde hair, a kickass body with curves all over the place, a stunningly pretty face, and a voracious sexual appetite. If a factory ever were to make a fuck doll, Summer Brielle would be the mold.

Her look is universally attractive, but there's more than just the look with this hottie. She also does a fantastic job in the scenes that populate this site. The content is equally divided between photo sets and videos, and her carnal cravings really jump off the screen at you in all of it. Members are treated to a mix of boy-girl, girl-girl, and solo. No matter which of those lights your fire, it's obvious that Summer really gives it her all, and that's the main attraction.

The site itself, and its user interface, are decent. I wouldn't say anything about it is spectacular, but it gets the job done. There aren't any sorting tools to speak of, but they're not needed (more on this below). Once you've selected something to watch, viewing options are solid. The in-browser player works nicely, and without hitches or glitches. Videos are available in low and high res downloads as well (maxing out at 1080p). Photos are zipped up for you collectors. All in all, the technical aspects are pretty good.

There is not much content available for members at the moment (thus the lack of need of sorting tools), so that's the one drawback here. There is no information on how often things update either, so I don't know if the current 13 videos and 13 photosets are all you get. The site is a recent addition to the PUBA Network, so I suspect more is coming since it's new.

Amount of content: 13 videos/13 photosets
Update frequency: Information not available
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1080p
Video types: mp4
Photo resolution: 2000x3000 pixels
Available for mobile: No


There's lots to like at, and only one negative. It begins and ends with Summer; if you like her look (and most people will), you'll like this site. She's hot as lava, both in her appearance as well as in the action in her scenes. I wish there was more here, and I hope more is coming. I am pretty sure there is. PUBA Network access mitigates this a lot, so I'm good with it. The site is easy to use. There's a low-cost membership that is really compelling.

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