Suburban Wives Review

Review: May 14, 2014, by Steve
Suburban Wives

Suburban Wives is a site that describes itself as one man's quest to attempt to fuck as many sex starved housewives across the British Isles as he can! He's not going to be alone in his quest, however, as he is bringing us along for the ride and we will get to see his progress as he screws his way through suburbia. There are many horny and frustrated housewives out there for him to work his charms on!


Overall rating7

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The presentation of this site is all done through a familiar looking members' area that gives you a decent amount of features and information. It was good to see that they managed to include some descriptions with the videos that are being shot here and some of these are quite funny as well. Update information is quite clear as well and even though the layout was quite plainly designed, I found this to be a site that gave me few problems when it came to navigation.

The video viewing options were basic but the least you could expect from any site. Both streaming and downloading were available and there are HD videos open to you as well. These generally had pretty good download speeds and none of them are DRM protected. There are no photo sets here, only screenshot sets, and as such things go these were a fairly decent quality, I thought.

There is something quite quaint and old fashioned about It has a concept that makes you feel like you are watching porn from the mid 1990s and, if you were a teenager around that time like I was, then you might well consider that a very good thing indeed! It is also a very typically British type of porn and one with a very familiar style to it all.

It has plenty of dashes of humor to it and if you are a follower of British porn then it will feel quite cozy and recognizable. If it is all quite new to you then it might not be quite so appealing. There are some very nice ladies here, most of them British porn actresses rather than amateurs, as you would probably have expected, and the action is also very typically British as well - it's down and dirty and far from airbrushed!

Amount of content: 44 videos; no photo sets but screenshot sets with all videos
Update frequency: 2 videos per week
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1280x720px (HD)
Video types: Flash and MP4
Photo resolution: 1280x720px
Available for mobile: No


Suburban feels like a blast from the British porn past but was a site that I really did enjoy. I'm not sure whether I would keep interested in it over many months but it was still really good fun and it does seem to be building at a very impressive rate. Not too bad at all and well worth a look if you're a British porn fan in particular.

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