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Review: January 3, 2013, by ruben
Submit Your Thai

Do you suffer from a severe case of wanderlust? Are you the type of sex lover that will do whatever you have to do to feed your fiery desires? If this is the case in your situation, Submit Your Thai can help you a bit. You can take part in a couple of ways here. Make the trip yourself or just sit back with your cock in your hand and enjoy the exotic experience of someone else. It's your call my friends. The ball is in your court.


Overall rating8.2

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This isn't my first ride on the Submit Your express train to Thailand. I remember reviewing this site last year also. That is interesting because I review so many porn sites that it gets hard to recall every single one. But this one sticks out in my mind for a reason - It cost me over $70 to replace my Apple keyboard after I reviewed it last year. These damn things should be jizz resistant!

Let's talk about what is happening here on this site. The premise is fairly simple - Dudes take trips to the deepest and darkest places in Thailand and they do so armed with video cameras, camera phones, DSLRs and whatever other devices that they can get together. Their goal on these missions is to land themselves in bed with a nasty slut of Thai descent that just happens to want to fuck them for a few Thai Baht or if they are lucky, a few American dollars. Don't offer Mexican Pesos. Nobody wants those.

Anyway, our travelers often end up in sleazy hotels or in the backs of dark nightclubs but they also sometimes manage to find their way into luxury hotels or onto beaches which really adds to beauty of the overall experience here.

Once you figure out your way around this site you should be happy but you might have a bit of trouble with that. Content is in a million different places and you'll have to dig a bit. No worries though - It's worth the effort. You will be happy to know that you can stream or download video content and that most of the videos get very, very nasty. These whores do this shit for a living. They could all qualify for the Official Thailand Fuck and Suck Olympic Team. That's always nice to see! You won't be hard-up for variety here either. The wannabe porn stars come in all ages, shapes and sizes. You also have access to six bonus sites. Nice touch!

Amount of content: 80+ videos and 200 photosets
Update frequency: 4-5 updates per month
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1280x720
Video types: flash, mp4 and wmv
Photo resolution: 1280x960
Available for mobile: Some content formatted for mobile


SubmitYourThai is all about horny men getting down and totally fucking dirty with Thai ladies that really like to get paid to spread their legs and eat dick. Most of the chicks that find themselves on the site are very young and some of them even look like they are rookies. I love the girls that appear shy at first and then get raw once the cameras get rolling. I'd subscribe to this site for sure. Give it a chance. Grab your pussy passport and enjoy the journey!

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