Skye Model Review

Review: May 14, 2013
Skye Model is a quick little site that features a cute little teen named Skye. She's like a young and tattoo-less Faye Runaway and I like that. Her site is all about the tease and you're really going to make a leap of faith in subscribing to it. The tour says one thing, but the truth of the matter is that this young smoking hot blonde teen has a small site. Die hard fans are going to be the main subscribers here.


Overall rating6

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Boy oh boy was I amped up to check out Skye Opening up her tour page got me going instantly. This barely legal 18 year old looks the part and is as pretty much cute as they make em. She also happens to bare a strikingly good resemblance to hot pornstar Faye Runaway who is one of my favourites. However, unlike Faye Runaway, Skye doesn't rock all the tats and piercings that Faye has. So, if you're looking for a cleaner look, this girl is a great option.

The tour is a tease, you won't see much here for free. Read carefully for the hints she gives you. "Welcome to my personal website! I'm really happy you found me and I hope you like all my teasing pictures!" Well, that's what you're getting alright: teasing pictures. I suppose I got a little excited from the last page where it listed a ton of pictures and videos. Those are for the bonus network, not Skye's site. The bonus network is pretty awesome on its own, consisting of 11 bonus sites.

As for Skye Model, shes got 46 photo galleries in total. They average about 90-100 pictures per set. They look pretty nice at 1066x1600. It would have been awesome if there were zipfile downloads, but there are none of those to be had. The pictures are the ultimate tease. I found myself looking for her pussy everywhere but to no avail. Thats the mark of a solid good tease. The camera work is nice and amateur and you really get that girl-next-door feel to it all. She's pretty comfortable in front of the camera and it shows.

The navigation around the site could be better, but, at the same time, once you find the images, you've seen it all. Jumping around the bonus sites is easy to do which makes things a bit better since you wont need to keep re-entering your password each time.

Amount of content: 46 photosets
Update frequency: Once per week
Exclusive content: Yes
Photo resolution: 1066x1600
Available for mobile: No


Skye Model stars a smoking hot little teen but, boy, its a very short ride. The price tag is a little more than steep for what she has alone, so it is in your best interest is to subscribe for the entire network rather than Skye alone. If you are a big fan of hers, by all means go for it, but do note that this is pictures only. She's cute enough to get off to, but you just want some videos to go along with it all. Cute girl, short site.

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