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Review: February 7, 2011, by ruben
Saffron Taylor

Everything about just sparkles. There is a unique intensity in the way that she showcases her amazing look and it is nice to see that her site designer matched that intensity. This site is easy to navigate, packed to the top with high-tech features and just happens to feature a woman who is arguably the most famous latex fetish model in all the world. This is true fantasy. This is pure sex.


Overall rating8.8

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I just finished watching a video from this site of Saffron Taylor going from yellow bikini to totally nude and smothering herself in whip cream. This is intense. This video and a few others are featuring Saffron Taylor in less latex and with a more supermodel or glamour model look. The change is welcome but will never overshadow the magic that this babe can do in latex.

Overall, the site has been revamped quite a bit lately and the addition of some awesome technology has really lifted it to another level. The features here are pretty involved and it is nice to see a team care enough to create a site the right way for the age that we live in.

New tech features include the ability to zoom onto your favorite photo and adjust its size and view it up to 1000x 1600 pixels, lightning-fast Flash player so you can get right to the action, .MP4 downloads, ultra sharp high-res 1920 x 1080 HD .WMV Video and a connection to just about every social network available so we can keep in touch with our princess of latex.

At this point, the site is featuring over 50 photo sets and nearly 30 fire-hot videos. The best part is that the updates are dated and are appearing at a right of about of one every two weeks.

Major fans and new fans alike will appreciate the fact that our star is also throwing out some freebies such as high-res wallpapers for us to stare at. They wil also appreciate a newly updated store full of everything from famed outfits to full-length videos. Private web cam shows can also be arranged. There is not much more that can be put on one site.

We are lucky that this hot model skipped across the pond to model here and we are lucky to be able to have such a nice place to visit her. Porn sites are about erotic fantasies, intense fetishes, a feeling of desire and a hope for passion. This one nails that vibe in a perfect way. You will enjoy this high-quality premium site. Saffron Taylor is amazing!


Saffron is great in a number of respects. The price is even fair for what you receive. Most fetish sites charge a fortune for what we get for the price of an average site here. You will enjoy the slick feel, glossy look and sparkle and you will be back to visit often. That is the point I suppose. These models always want you back. Saffron Taylor gives you a good reason to make the trip.

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