Round Juicy Butts Review

Review: September 14, 2007, by Gabrio
Round Juicy Butts

It's a proven fact, some people like the front and some others love the back, like some that love red cars and some others that love black cars...nothing to complain about that, so when it comes to this site, you have to be a butt-man! Round Juicy in fact presents you a big collection of girls with big round asses and they are of course horny for cocks, were you thinking they wanted to apply as housewifes? No! ;-)


Overall rating7.8

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When I am writing this review, I already know that the buttmans are going to read it and this makes me proud of it hehe...the members area login is right at the top, link is purple, easy to spot and in a matter of few moments you will be inside the main page of RoundJuicyButts - which let me add, it's packed with goodies - at the top of the page you will find several tags which take you around the different sections, so we have for instance: home, latest updates, featured series, videos, pictures, model index, live girls, bonus sites, my favorites and you can find more or less the same links to the left side of the screen.

At the center of the page instead you will find again the same links just that this time they have also a description of what's going on, you need to pay attention on the second link which is "Round Juicy Butts � FEATURED SERIES" that is basically where you are going to find the main videos with the big ass chicks, that is where you want to be, right?

At the right of the page you will find the Site Statistics and I have to add that they are quite impressive since they have like 10546 videos, 2060 dvds and 2.270.423 pictures, of course they are also considering the bonus sites with these though, otherwise that would have been a buttmans paradise hehe. Anyway, I clicked the link which takes you to the main area and after a few moments you will see right in front of you a page which has all the girls with the big round butts, and you can decide whether you want to watch their videos, photos or eventually you can add the scene to your favorites.

From what I can see, these scenes with the round butts look good, the girls are all oily and this means that they will slide back and forth more easily and imagine what happens if we are speaking about fucking, they will be like a fucking machine if you got the joke hehe! The quality of the clips is good and the sets also have a pic gallery associated and eventually you can even write a review of each scene, that's nice.


Like I have said above, if you like it from the back, then you are in the right place - has 4 pages filled with round ass clips and photo sets and in my opinion the best set is the one featured by Porscha Ride, maybe since she has these super sexy lace shoes and I am a big shoes feticist. For each scene there is also a detailed description and do not forget the fact that you have videos for ipod, regular .wmv download and also high quality .avi eventually.

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