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Review: September 11, 2006, by Gabrio
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Real Orgasm Videos

What do you think if I tell you about hot female masturbation videos? I guess that you think about a site all about horny girls that are having fun with themselves....well, you are half right since in the members area of Real Orgasm Videos you are going to find lots of hot girls that are having fun with Sybian machines...don't know what a Sybian is? Check out the tour of this site and you will figure that out!


Overall rating6.8

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The main page of the members area of Real Orgasm Videos is loaded with lots of content and I can see that they are presenting all the sites that are part of their network which are looking pretty hot. It took me a few moments in order to figure out where are the links that take you to the actual content sites...they are located at the left of the screen and the link for Real Orgasm Videos is located on the latest updates page, I have to say that I have looked for it from the main page without any success so make sure to keep both eyes open!

The main page has lots of screen shots with the Sybian machines and each one of them is directly linked to a .wmv clip and you have all the content on the same page. I have downloaded several clips and the speed was not bad, around 350-380 k/sec which is not too bad if you ask me. I have then watched many of these clips and it is almost incredible to watch them as they are reaching some of the biggest orgasms I have ever seen in my life and you will agree with me about that!

The best scene were featured by Tammi & Tiffany in my opinion since it was crazy to watch them having fun with these Sybian machines, but let me go in detail with that. Tammi's scene starts slow with an interview, then they focus on the machine and in the meantime she starts taking off her clothes, she is looking really amateur and it feels like she loves to be watched and to show off her shaved teen pussy and I have the impression that she also needs a good fuck - and who does not? Eh eh.

Anyway, soon after she gets naked, she starts riding the machine and it's really incredible to watch her face, almost you don't have time for jerking off, and there is this guy who increases the intensity of the movements of the machine and you can hear her voice which goes louder and louder....when it comes to the action with the other girls, you have more or less the same action going on, just that the girl changes.


If you are a fan of hot machine videos, I think that you will like this site even though it took a little while to find the actual clips (and I watch a ton of sites everyday so draw your own conclusions about that) and the number of clips is not really high. However with the membership you can access a ton of other hardcore sites which you should remember when joining the site.

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