Public Disgrace Review

Review: December 4, 2009, by Steve
Public Disgrace

Public Disgrace is one of the most insane and outrageous fetish sites you will ever see. All of its scenes are set in public places, both indoors and outdoors, and it has some of the most daring public sex scenes that you will ever see. This isn't just some site where a girl quickly flashes her nipples - this features full hardcore sex, XXX-rated humiliation and bondage, and BDSM action that would be daring if it was shot in an intimate studio! It's all brought to you the by the award-winning Kink label.


Overall rating8.5

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PublicDisgrace is a site that has been running for just over a year now, and currently has 69 episodes on board, with one new update added every week. Even before you buy a subscription to this site you can browse through a complete list of all the episodes added to the site to date. The members' area is designed in much the same way with much the same features and options. You get full descriptions of the episodes, a superb comments section on each, and you can jump to a list of a model's scenes elsewhere in the network and site if you click her name.

All the episodes on the site are dated too, and all of them have a great array of options on them. The image galleries all have .ZIP file downloads enabled on them, and most images are sized at 1200x675px. The videos are available in full file or smaller scenes whether you want to stream or download them. The streamed versions, which are Flash format, usually play at 704x396px. The downloadable versions though are available in HD if you go for the high quality .WMV and .MP4 versions. But there are also lower quality versions and iPod formatted videos too if you need them.

Where I live, you get funny looks if you wear so much as a tight t-shirt. Quite what my locals would make of the antics on is beyond me! I'm really staggered by just what they get away with here - clearly they are shooting many of these scenes somewhere in Europe, but wherever it is they clearly are very relaxed about public nudity. And public hardcore sex and blowjobs. And girls being bound, gagged, led along streets on a leash, and having her nipples clamped. You get the idea!

I don't know what I enjoyed more on this site though - the reactions of some passers-by to the action or what they manage to get away with in public settings or indeed just the high quality of the sex and BDSM action they carry out. Their public setting doesn't limit the content of these videos - these are almost as insane as you would get in many studio-shot Kink scenes. My favourite scene though had to be Amber Keen being tied up and embarrassed in a public library. That's not what you expect to see when you go to borrow Nicholas Nickelby!


Public might just be one of my favourite all-time sites right now. It really embarrasses all those public nudity and sex sites that think they are daring by having a girl strip off on some deserted beach. This is easily the most outrageous public sex site I've ever seen, and it does not once compromise the outstanding quality of BDSM and fetish action you always get from this company. It really doesn't get much more outrageous than this.

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