Psycho Henessy Review

Review: October 6, 2016, by Steve
Psycho Henessy

Psycho Henessy is the official website of the Russian porn star Henessy, who you may also know as Cosette Ibarra. On this site, she takes the opportunity to explore the wild side of her sexuality with exclusive photo sets and videos that show her at her absolute most untamed. Just about anything could happen on this site, and in a lot of ways it already has - so you need to explore it now!


Overall rating7.8

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The navigation here was largely very good. There wasn't much when it came to descriptions of the photo sets and videos, but where the site did excel was in giving its main star such personality. The update information was excellent and it's also really good to see this site being updated so regularly. The layout was well designed to match the theme of the site and its model's personality, while there are links to live shows and the suchlike.

The videos here are not available to download - a trend that does seem to be gaining momentum amongst the official websites of many models these days. But at least, on the plus side, the site is able to offer us several different resolutions on their streaming videos. The photo sets, interestingly, ARE available for download in ZIP files. The photos are also of a very good quality. is a site that comes with a certain amount of expectation when you take into consideration the title of it! Don't worry, she's not attempting to stab anyone in the shower in this one! The only thing she does in a shower is get herself nice and soapy and teases her pussy in one. So it perhaps falls somewhat short of being quite as dangerous as you might have hoped it would have been.

Even so, Henessy is a great performer and absolutely stunning and one thing this site certainly does is allow her to do pretty much whatever she wants in her content. She certainly accepts the invitation and she has got some great stuff on this site already, and considering it has only been live for a short while, it is quite an achievement already. I would say this site was already pretty much essential to fans of hers.

Amount of content: 36 videos and 21 photo sets
Update frequency: Updates schedule unclear - usually several videos and photo sets per week
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1920x1080px (HD)
Video types: Flash (stream only)
Photo resolution: 3264x4896px
Available for mobile: Yes


Psycho might have a slightly misleading title, to say the least, but it's already a site that I think has a hell of a lot going for it. If it keeps progressing like this, both in terms of the quality of its content and in terms of its update schedule, then this will be a great site. As it is, fans of Henessy's might already consider it's very close already.

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