Phoenix Marie Review

Review: May 11, 2010, by Steve
Phoenix Marie

Phoenix Marie is a stunning blonde Californian porn actress who, since her debut around 4 years ago, has become one of the most popular hardcore stars around. This is her official site which has been launched by the Premium Pass network, responsible for the official sites of many other big name stars out there - so she is in good company, and she even promises us some exclusive content too!


Overall rating5.8

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The navigation and presentation of the members' area was slightly disappointing after a pretty fantastic and informative free tour. That said, it was still fairly good. Its main problem was the fact that although all content was clearly dated, there was no information about forthcoming updates and with there having been no updates for over a month, this could be a problem. There isn't that much interaction with Phoenix although a live show was scheduled for tonight, as I write this. Not much information or description of the scenes or galleries either, and I would like some information about their exclusivity. Easy access to the bonus sites though.

All videos were available for download , with the option of downloading them coming for full file videos as well as shorter clips. The formats used were .WMV, .MP4 and .MPG with the best quality videos playing at 720x480px. There were no specific streaming options though, which I would have liked to have seen. All photo galleries came with a .ZIP file download option with the images in these sized at an impressive 1600x1200px. The screenshot galleries that accompany all videos were also available for .ZIP download with these images usually sized at 720x480px. There are currently 13 videos and 10 photo galleries hosted on the site.

It is by no means the first time that I've seen a site from the Premium Pass network (which you do get complete access to with a membership here) launch with a few updates, and then go immediately silent for a lengthy period of time. It makes absolutely no sense at all and if they are not even going to do us the courtesy of telling us when there might be some more updates, how exactly are you supposed to know whether you should subscribe?

If you know Phoenix then you will know that you can expect her to always look great and flash one of the sultriest pouts in the business. Her mix of hardcore, lesbian and solo scenes and galleries will go down a treat - but only if they actually add to them. The fact that she is scheduled to do a live show this evening is encouraging, but is currently really only half a site.


It is quite tough to know exactly what to tell you about Phoenix Yes, the content is great - as you would almost certainly expect from this splendid blonde. There are a whole load of official porn star sites accompanying from some major star names. But the collection is tiny and they seem unconcerned with the fact that they haven't updated for over 4 weeks, and don't seem all that bothered about telling us when there may be new content. Your guess is as good as mine!

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