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Review: October 14, 2011, by ruben
Party Squirt

This is one of those sites that sounds hot as soon as you read the title, but fails to live up to that title right away. I love a good squirting site, but PartySquirt is not what I expected at all. It would be great to see the domain name of this site used for something glossy and awesome. Maybe the designers of this site will take note of that.


Overall rating4.8

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This is one of those reviews that will really be a challenge. It is required that I write a certain amount of words in each review that I write and usually that is not a problem. The trouble with Party Squirt is that there is just not a whole lot to write about.

The homepage for the site introduces a young tart named Zuzinka who is a supposedly a Czech student. She explains in a brief introduction that she started the site with some friends to earn extra money and get a bit of pleasure at the same time. To make her plan work out, Zuzinka outlines her plan to organize parties with her hot friend, film them getting fucked and squirting and then sell the resulting videos to the masses.

At this point, there are only two videos on the site and not a single photo set. The videos that featured cannot be streamed and must be downloaded as a .WMV file for you to view them. That works well if you plan to collect the videos, but not everyone has that intention. I myself like to be able to get started right away when I want to "take care of myself." I don't want to have to wait for a download.

The two videos that are featured are not bad in regard to quality. They are typical of amateur-looking Euro-based videos that we see on the web all the time. They are always filmed in places that look like they were decorated in 1985 and they always feature random well-hung studs that seem way too lucky for their own good.

The best part of the videos at Party Squirt is that the women featured are totally hot. There is a good mix of blondes and brunettes featured and they are as talented as they need to be. They know how to suck cock, work the pussies of their friends and get one another off with force and vigor. I suppose that is what they need to be able to do as porn models and fuck stars. Their job description is not real hard to understand.

Conclusion is an example of a site that could be so much more if it was taken care of and developed better. The best part of the site for me was actually the very informative section about squirting. Our hostess goes into almost medical-level detail to let us know what is really happening on the site. This site will not be a value until it grows. I hope that happens.

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