Old n Fat Review

Review: August 30, 2006, by Gabrio
Old n Fat

This is not my kind of website but I am sure that some of you like to watch Old 'n' Fat women that have sex in front of the camera, just because there are really lots of weird fetishes out there, don't you agree with me on that one? I have taken a quick look at the tour of this site and it seems to me that they have a wide selection of mixed fat content, so get ready for the full review below!!


Overall rating7.4

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When you click the link for loading the members area, you get a page with a link in blue and then, after a few moments, it appears a very big page with lots of links. The main header is very small in my opinion (usually it's much bigger) and then you have the main links which let you browse around the site which are: Home, Video Galleries, Streaming Videos, Reality Content, Photo Galleries, Photo Archives, Live Shows, Ezines, Stories and Bonus Sites and in the upper right corner of the site you also have Members Support and Feedback.

At the left side of the screen you have the Free Bonus Sites and I can see that the list is really big, for example you have hot sites like Adorable Legs, Asian Sex Queens, Big Tit Queens, just to name a few....at the center of the page you basically have the same sections which you have found in the menu under the header, just that they also have a graphic interface and a brief description this time; under those there is also a section called Latest Additions where there are 2 screen shots for the scenes that have added last and you also have sex news and coming soon at the very bottom.

Finally, at the absolute bottom of the page you have: sex shop, dvd shop, video on demand, security software and at the right side of the page you have Featured Content where there are a bunch of other extras and bonus sites. Now let's check out the actual content anyway! I started with Video Galleries and that section opens another page that has a selection of the actual niches which are available: Hardcore, Blowjobs, Hardcore, Masturbation, Group Sex, Fat Women and others, and in the lower half of the page you have the latest add-ons.

When it comes to the actual videos, each page has several info such as length of the movies, format and things like that....you have full movies and smaller segments, which are in .wmv format; the clips make no use of DRM technology and when it comes to their quality, I have to say that they look quite good.

The Photo Galleries pages have a regular layout, the size of the thumbnails looks good and the bigger images have a good quality in my opinion.


I think that you can be happy with the contents of this site and I have appreciated that they have divided the content per category so you can jump, in a matter of moments, to the section you prefer the most, still with these mature and horny ladies. I suggest you to check out the Housewives category which is the one that targets the most positive votes usually. Finally do not forget to have fun with all the goodies and Bonus Sites which are included with the membership!

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