Mistress T. Review

Review: December 13, 2011, by ruben
Mistress T.

Have you been a good boy? Maybe you want to be treated like a bad boy. Maybe you have the desire to clean a toilet with your face or get laughed at and ridiculed by a woman that is way sexier than you are used to being with. Mistress T makes all of this happen for you and she enjoys every moment of her amazing way of life. Enjoy the pleasure. Get off on the pain.


Overall rating8.8

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It is always nice to find a quality site that provides a good deal of bang for your buck. Why subscribe to several different sites if one site can give you all that you need in one wild nasty place? MistressT can do just that.

You will see a mixed bag of tricks on this site that includes cuckolding, female domination, humiliation, masturbation instruction and quite a few crazy surprises. One scene is complete with Hollywood-style special effects that features our starlet stomping the hell out of a city as car alarms rage and buildings start on fire.

This may not be the first time that you have seen Mistress T. She has turned her passion into a thriving enterprise that allows her to travel to places like London and San Francisco to meet her fans and even do a bit of dominatrix video filming with them by special request.

At this point you will have access to over 800 hot videos that are all incredibly well produced and a pleasure to enjoy. You will have to pony up a bit of extra cash to buy a premium membership if you want access to unlimited downloads and streaming, but the price is fair for what you get. HD quality is the key here and that is very nice to see. Files come in the form of Windows Media files.

Photo fans will have plenty to enjoy here but they will not have access to ZIP files. You can easily view nearly 500 photos on the site that show our sexy mistress in a million different ways doing a million different things. Mistress T does not hold back and that is the best part of this site.

Do yourself a favor and find a video on the site called "Watch Your Wife Cum." In this nasty cuckolding clip we get a chance to see Mistress T getting her pink pussy rubbed and fingered while her husband watches and is denied access to the action. It is fucking beautiful to watch our star's pussy throb and swell as she gets close to a orgasm that totally rocks her tight body. Heavy breathing gets heavier as her body quivers. When she finally cums you will see flowing juices falling like rain from her beautiful pink pussy that you will want to consume.


No matter what fetishes turn you on, MistressT.com gives you access to them. This is hardcore yet sensual and you will probably learn a thing or two that will allow you to get a bit freakier in the bedroom. There is no denying the beauty of this particular fuck model or the quality of this premium site. The navigation is simple, the photography is top-notch and the fun is nasty and even a bit dangerous. Give this site a shot for sure.

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