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Review: May 3, 2012, by Steve
Luxe Feet

Luxe Feet would like to introduce you to the most graceful and sexy females with the softest and most delicate feet that you could wish to see. This foot fetish website is filled with grace and elegance as these beautiful models show off their long toes arched soles, and also show off what they are capable of doing with this feet. Whether they are bare, covered, clean or dirty, you can find them here!


Overall rating8

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There are currently 87 photo galleries and 40 videos on, and the site is updated twice a week. The best thing I can say about the presentation of this site is that the descriptions of the scenes and galleries here are quite good, but otherwise it is lacking in a few areas. It is quite disappointing that there are no indexes of the models here and that the update information is not more precise. It is also never completely clear about what bonus sites you have available to you at various points in your membership. Some tidying needs to be done here, and only being to see 5 updates per index pages slows browsing down rather a lot as well.

Each of the galleries here are equipped with three different photo sizes, with all these sizes additionally available in ZIP download files as well. These photo sizes are usually 429x640px, 686x1024px and 1072x1600px, from what I saw. There is an excellent range of video viewing options as well, with Flash streaming available alongside a raft of download options. These come in .FLV, .WMV and .AVI formats with the best quality versions playing at 1280x720px. You can also choose between downloading full videos or shorter clips as well, which I always think is a useful option to have. There are no DRM restrictions on the videos, it is also worth mentioning.

The thing I like about most fetish sites these days is that they don't feel as though they need to explain themselves or justify the fetish to the uninitiated. This is a site that is a pretty notable example of this, actually, just getting down to the business of showing beautiful European models, their legs and their feet. Simple as that. Coupled with different types of stockings and nylons as well as different kinds of high heeled shoes and stilettos, it pretty much covers all of the bases you would want from such a site. With exclusive content and regular updates, too, I don't think there is a lot more on the content side that this site could do to improve.


Luxe is a very good foot fetish site indeed and I think that there is more than enough content here for fans of the fetish to enjoy. It is of a very high quality, too, and they do have a real go at trying to cover as many sub-genres of the fetish as they can, too. The bonus site loyalty scheme backs up the pretty low subscription fee very nicely, too, making this a pretty attractive package.

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