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Review: June 6, 2012, by Steve
Look at GFs

Look At GFs is a collection of genuine amateur porn videos featuring sexy real life girlfriends and ex-girlfriends. This site wants to show you how girls are in real life and just how sexy and horny they can be, and they do it with genuine and natural porn videos with no fake tits or fake orgasms or fake performers for that matter. All of these videos really are the real thing!


Overall rating7

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There are currently over 500 videos on this site, but it is hard to be precise about how many videos there are on this site. There is no update information on LookAtGfs.com and there are no photo or notable image galleries available aside from some poor quality screenshots. The navigation on the members' area here is based around a pretty good selection of categories which does help you to find the content that will interest you in particular. There are no descriptions with any of the videos, however, and there is a complete lack of any decent update information. It was just a pretty lazy effort, I thought.

The video options on offer here were pretty good, I thought. There were Flash streaming as well as .MP4 and .WMV downloads on all the videos. That said, the sizes and dimensions of the videos did vary somewhat. Many videos played at no more than 320x240px, which is clearly not good enough in this day and age, but many others played at a significantly better if still not idea 640x480px. Download speeds, however, were very good across the board but the screenshots were really not worth bothering with at all.

There are, at the last count, about a million of these amateur GF sites out there and as such it has got to a point where they pretty much all blend in to one. And, although this site has a lot of pretty good stuff in it, it will pretty much blend into the rest of them as well but it does have something going for it that does allow it to stand out from the crowd and that is with regard to the different categories of content they have on board.

It does help this site that they make a point of having anal sex, group sex and orgies on board - some of the things that these kinds of sites don't usually have. The voyeur category also has some interesting bits in it, with a couple of videos in there that I'm sure have gone fairly viral at various points in the last few years. A decent site, but nothing hugely exciting.


As lovely as many of the girls on Look At GFs.com are and as good as some of the content is, this kind of site will always have a struggle to make itself stand out against the backdrop of the rest. It probably would have benefited from having some bonus sites behind it and maybe if it was better presented, but it's not too bad and fans of this kind of thing would be quite happy.

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