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Review: June 29, 2016
Live Top Cams

Live Top Cams is a European based cam girl site with a few positives, and some challenges as well. I had a little trouble at first with this site, but once you've settled in at Live Top Cams, there are some treasures to be found. If you decide to spend money here, make sure you enter with some patience, and a sizable budget, and you can have some fun here.


Overall rating6.8

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Cam sites are the hot thing in adult entertainment at the moment, and with good reason. The cam girls know they can make money, the content is harder to pirate, and the customer is able to interact with a real live person. Win-win for everyone. Thus, the number of cam girl sites available is burgeoning, with mixed experiences for customers. I'd put Live Top in the middle tier of the cam girl sites that I've seen. The girls seem decent, and the customers seem to enjoy it. I had a little trouble navigating the site, and it might be a bit on the pricy side.

Upon logging in, you are presented with an array of pic links for the cam girls, along with a light menu to sort the girls out a little. There are also links to take you to new pages to buy credits, an FAQ, a link to videos, and a few other sundry items. It all looks user friendly. I started with the "Live Girls" link.

Unfortunately, not all girls appear to be live even if you choose that option. You have to mouse over each girl to see her status. The various status types also don't really tell you who is live either. This part was pretty confusing and I got a little frustrated trying to figure things out.

Once I found a few live girls, things smoothed out a little, although the interface in each cam room wasn't always intuitive and didn't always appear consistent. I stumbled in to a few rooms which required payment, and quickly found my credits burning away. Some girls do have free chat where you can tip, so I felt better hitting those, but overall, the system here is a little tough to get a handle on, and things can get expensive fast.

The girls are decent enough, and with variety. They look to be mostly European, and each has a profile, which is nice.

Amount of content: n/a
Update frequency: Daily
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: Varies by cam
Video types: n/a
Photo resolution: n/a
Optimized for mobile: yes


If you can get around the user interface, and keep an eye on your credit totals (which top out at 1/euro), there can be good times at Once I found my footing, I had more fun, but the early going was a little exasperating. I also didn't like that I seemed to burn through credits quickly. It's not the best camsite that I've ever visited, but it's far from the worst. The bottom line with camsites is about the girls, and there are some good ones here.

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