Life Under Cam Review

Review: April 16, 2019, by Marilyn
Life Under Cam

Reality TV is all the rage these days but the stars of those shows get a break from filming when the cameras turn off. That isn't the case for the starlets on Life Under Cam where cameras record every second of their lives 24/7. Their apartments are rigged with voyeur cams that capture them doing everything from watching TV to showering. They even get recorded as they fuck. No room is off limits and there is action in at least one apartment at any given time.


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The average person would probably go bonkers if they had to be watched all day and night but that doesn't seem to bother the 13 participants in the LifeUnderCam project.

What's the deal with this site? I'm glad you asked. This is a voyeur project that gives you unrestricted access to 7 apartments where each room has cameras broadcasting activities inside the apartments 24 hours a day. Sometimes the participants do boring stuff like hang out in the living room and talk but other times, things really venture into R-rated territory which is what I assume most people monitoring these cams care about anyway.

If its sex you're wanting to see, there's a lot here. You may get lucky and catch a couple hooking up in real time but if you don't, it's okay - there's an entire archive that's loaded to the brim with past clips of couples getting busy. I did a quick count and found over 650 archived clips, all of which feature nudity and banging.

The site claims to have various cameras set up in the bedrooms to capture all the humping at various angles and I have to say that based on all the archived videos I browsed through, there's some truth to that claim.

As you watch, you'll notice that the participants don't speak English. Its because they're from Europe but apparently there's a push to add participants from all over the world so maybe pretty soon we'll see some English speakers making their debut here.

The videos have an amateurish feel to them but they're also a tad too polished and while for the most part the participants come off as natural as possible, sometimes it looks like they're acting. So is all the action here unscripted? You'll have to watch and be the judge. All I can say is you're going to find yourself hooked on these cams!

Amount of content: 659+ videos
Update frequency: n/a
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1920x1080 (Ultra HD)
Video types: flash, mp4
Photo resolution: n/a
Available for mobile: Yes


LifeUnder Cam is a voyeur experience unlike any other because here, every room in all the featured apartments is fair play. There are no blind spots which certainly makes things very interesting. If you're still on the fence about whether to join or not, you can check out a handful of free cams and then if you like what you see, upgrade and check out more cams and all the archived content.

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