Lesbians Love Sex Review

Review: September 15, 2009, by Gabrio
Lesbians Love Sex

After so much hardcore, how about some hot lesbians that love licking juicy pussies? Lesbians Love Sex shows you horny girl friends that go naughty and nice playing with dildos, their wild fantasy and why not just with their tongues! Good for me, i can see that there are way more brunettes than blondes on the site hehe, so if you like lesbian sex, ass licking, tongue fucking and dildo shoving, you are in the right place!


Overall rating7.3

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Lesbians Love Sex.com welcomes you with a members are that has a typical girly look and i say that because they went with this pink color so it's like it wants to say "this is girl girl action!!". Anyway, at the top of the page we have the main links for moving around here which are: Home, Movies, Photos, Extra Videos, Fun Stories, XXX Extras and Daily Pornos. At the center of the page we have a welcome message and then the Recent LesbiansLoveSex Updates which are sorted by date (newest can be found at the top) and depending by which update, you find photos, videos or both; if just one of those is available it's usually videos ;-).

On the left side of the screen instead we have what they call "Cross Site Access" that is basically a list of the bonus websites that are available for you with the purchase of this membership which you can always check out when you're done with the lesbians here but let's check out the main content. I clicked the first update that is featured by Judy and Meliza...one thing i have to say though is that the date of this update is 3 march 2009 which is 4 months ago! That tells me that they don't have that many recent updates, although the list of available content is pretty good.

When you open the download page, in this case Judy and Meliza which i just told you, there is a brief description of what's going on and then in the lower half of the page you have the download and streaming options. We have 2 files for both, a low quality and a high quality one, respectively at 320x240 and 640x480 pixels. I tested download speed and it was pretty good, around 450-480 k/sec and if you connect from US you should get a faster speed as i am right now connected from Europe and the server was in US.

We have a total of 46 main scenes which we can say that is good and one of the best was the scene with Brooke & Tori. Speaking in terms of photos, we have 27 galleries, with .zip download option and a screen resolution of 1536x1024 pixels and also in this area we have lots of dildo action, strapon fucking, etc etc.


I think that LesbiansLoveSex.com should put up some better quality videos since they had videos up to 640x480 and if you consider that most sites now have HD clips, you may want to have some more quality. On the other hand the clips were large and the "high quality" clips have a size of 400-500 mb which is not too bad either. The collection of videos is larger than the photos and i would like to see some more recent updates considering that the last update is dated 3 march 2009.

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