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Review: August 12, 2014

Kinky Niky is in love with her own ass. Or she hates it. I can't decide which, because she pays a lot of attention to it in this extreme fetish site, but sometimes the attention can be pretty brutal. You're going to see this lithe blonde abuse her own rectum in all sorts of creative ways. Some of you are going to cringe when you see what's in here, but some of you are going to absolutely love this asstastic homage to one girls' anal obsession.


Overall rating7

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Prepare to be shocked and amazed by the anal gymnastics you'll see at The titular Niky is a thin blonde in her late 20s who is really into abusing her own bunghole. She's an attractive girl, and looks like nothing like the sexual freak that she portrays on this site. Don't let her looks fool you; she is definitely not the girl next door.

I'll just state right up front that the content here is not my cup of tea, and it's not for most people either, I'd guess. This site features extreme anal insertions, extreme anal fisting, anal prolapses, anal stretching, and more. If you can imagine something to do with the ass, this place probably covers it. I have to warn you that this site is not for the everyday porn consumer. This is meant for people who are in to serious anal fetish play. To be honest, some of what's here is a little gross for me. When you see a hot chick force her own asshole to prolapse, it's pretty jarring. However, if you like hardcore ass play, this place will be a little slice of heaven for you. What's here is very well done, for what it is. Throw in that Niky is an attractive chick, and I can see where fans of this fetish would love the content featured at this site.

The user interface is also nice. It's very simply laid out, with pic links and descriptions to let you know what you're getting. There's not a lot of content right now; only 35 videos and photosets. That contributes to the ease of use. When there's not a lot to find, you don't need serious search tools.

Once you've selected something, viewing options are simple. There's only one option for videos; an in-browser Flash window. Resolution on both video and photos is crisp and clear and speeds were fine. One major negative-no downloads are allowed. Even though I understand why they prevent this, I don't like it.

Amount of content: 35 videos/35 photosets
Update frequency: 10x/month
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1920x1080px
Video types: Flash
Photo resolution: 1800x1200px
Available for mobile: No

Conclusion is not for the faint of heart. This site is a serious, super-hardcore place dedicated to ass play that lives on the edge. If you are not into large anal object insertions, anal fisting, and that sort of thing, then this isn't for you. If that appeals, then you have just scored big time. The only negatives are relative lack of content, and no downloads. Other than that, this place is great for ass fetishists. Throw in that the featured girl is good-looking, and I give this the anal seal of approval.

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