Just Coeds Review

Review: April 29, 2008, by Gabrio
Just Coeds

If you have never checked out a site loaded with sexy coeds then this could be the right time for you to do it and in this occasion we are going to present you JustCoeds.com that is a site loaded with a big selection of girls and as far as I can see they have a passion for meat lollipops if you know what I mean! So after having taken the tour make sure to keep on reading the full review below!


Overall rating7.5

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Seems to be a good day for sites with horny young girls, right? Then let's see what they have inside the members area of Just Coeds.com today. The button for entering the members area is easy to spot and it's located at the top of the page and for being more precise in the right corner. Within a few moments the main section will open in front of your eyes and the main links are: videos page, photo gallery, buy dvds and help, then there is a nav system where you will see 14+ pages all loaded with content. Starting from the top of the page you will see several girls scenes, for each one you have videos and photos and each girl has a comment, say "Angelina MILF lover", stuff like that.

Some of the models are really hot, some others are less hot but in the end it seems to me that they have a pretty large collection available. On the first page I really enjoyed the scene with Mackenzie (Busty Oral Princess), lovely busty girl. I decided to check out her photos first of all but when you click the link near her thumbnail you are not taken to her actual photo page, but you are taken to the main photo galleries page with all the girls so you first have to pick your favorite girl, not sure why they have done this, they could have sent you straight there.

For the girl I wanted to check out, Mackenzie (Busty Oral Princess), she didn't even have the photo gallery page hence I checked out another one, the interface is pretty heavy, you can see how many times each photo has been viewed and stuff like that and .zip downloads are available too. Back to the main page, I checked out the video clips and the quality overall is pretty high, they do not automatically start and the stream was very smooth. That chick I was telling you above, Mackenzie really looks hot and her boobs look terrific when bouncing back and forth ;-)Now all you have to do is get back to the main page and pick another girl, it's that simple!!


Summing up, this website Just Coeds.com has a good amount of content, it's easy to browse and the only thing which I did not like like was the fact that when you click photos they take you to the main photos page and not straight to the gallery of the girl you have chosen straight away but no big deal in the end. Lots of content and some hot girls as well.

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