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Review: November 29, 2006, by Abz
Home Outdoors Cams

Imagine yourself as an unseen spy watching out for the horniest couples and hottest chicks, making love changing clothes and doing other sexy stuff. All real 100% unique and very hot! Thats exactly what Home Outdoors Cams is about real people caught on cam doing all kinds of dirty things. The good thing is you don't have to go and find them because they are all waiting for you inside homeoutdoorscams.com!


Overall rating7.3

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In my opinion the members pages are very well designed and give this site a nice feel yet it is also very easy to find the movies so it is also user friendly as well. Once inside the very first section is a page with a few links to some other recommended sites and above that you get the chance to win some money! Yes you can actually win up to $1000 just for sending in your own sexy vids. 1st place is $1000 2nd place is $500 and the third prize is $300, they run the contest every month for visitors and members of Home Outdoors Cams.

After this you will come to a link which takes you through to the actual content which in this case is just movies with no live shows or pictures. The movies are put into two different categories you have outdoor hidden cams and you have home hidden cams. In the outdoor hidden cams section I found there to be a nice selection of good amateur footage of couples outdoors playing around and also some hot footage of girls stripping out of their bikinis and undies as well. A lot of the videos are quite short but there are plenty of videos to keep you entertained and I'm sure new videos are added quite regularly what with the competitions held every month.

In the home hidden cams section there are 80 pages with 10 movies on each page so thats 800 movies. The home hidden movies also have some good amateur sexy couples and more hot chicks stripping but inside this time. The videos have the option to be downloaded or played as a stream and you will need a player such as windows media player or something similar to watch them on. To tell you the truth I think some of the movies are actually made for this site because they show the same girls but I think this is just to make up numbers and most of the movies are definitely 100% genuine real amateur home made porn videos so you will be happy here.


Inside Home Outdoors Cams I found everything pretty straight forward the videos are easy to find and I'm sure with the competion running for the best submitted home movies and a prize of $1000 there will always be people sending in new tapes which means new videos are added to the site on a regular basis, so for $29.95 per month I recommend Home Outdoors Cams to you most definitely.

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