Happy Ending Videos Review

Review: February 4, 2010, by ruben
Happy Ending Videos

We have all had the fantasy. It is late and the work day was hard and tiring. We want to figure out a way to relax so we head over to the local massage parlor to get hooked up with a full-body massage. After spending almost an hour rubbing your naked body down, your massage therapist gets a bit horny and decides to do something about it. You end up making a big sticky mess and everybody ends up happy. That is the point of Happy Ending Videos. Everyone should have a happy ending once in a while!


Overall rating7.8

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There is something about this particular site that is interesting and unique. Sure, a million handjob sites exist, but this site shows the potential to really grow and be a player in the fetish porn game. HappyEndingVideos is a raw and rare insiders look at what goes down when the door is shut at the local massage parlor. These sexy ladies are just trying to make a living and fat tips always help with that goal. What is a better way to earn a large tip than by providing "additional services?" All the lusty ladies at Happy Ending Videos earn their tips the "hard way" if you know what I mean.

Part of the newly formed PornGantic network of niche narrow-focused websites, Happy Ending Videos is a fun diversion but only for a very short while. I say that because only 14 videos are featured at Happy Ending Videos and there is not a single photo set. Every video is streamed in Flash or can be downloaded as a .WMV file. Download times were quick and the process was easy. The best videos are featured at 640x480.

You may enjoy this site but you will really appreciate that the PornGantic network also grants you access to a number of other sites when you sign up as a member. They are all fetish sites that focus on topics like spanking, sexy medical exams, anal pleasure and prison videos. You haven't lived until you watch a hot model receive a full-body cavity search!

One update on this site really made me aware of how fun and erotic a handjob can be but it also made me aware of how new this network really is and how much work that it will need to succeed. I came across a description of a video that was supposed to star a woman named Kat, but on film, she introduces herself to her "massage client" as Ruby. This was not the only video on the site that featured blatant errors. This kind of thing will have to get fixed if PornGantic ever wants to be a true player in the porn game. No matter her name, Ruby or Kat makes it clear that she knows how to work a thick cock. She strokes her client's shaft until a volcanic-like eruption takes place!


HappyEndingVideos.com needs a great deal of work. It is really that simple. I know that fetish sites that are this narrow in focus often take a very long time to build but starting out of the gate strong should be a number one priority. You may not be able to justify this site on its own, but the network access that you will be granted as a subscriber is pretty damn amazing.

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