Girls and Studs Review

Review: May 23, 2013
Girls and Studs

For all of you people out there in relationships, it can sometimes be tough to find good porn for you. There are a gazillion different niches in the adult film industry. Heck, you can even find midget porn. But porn for couples? It's hard to find really good stuff to watch with your significant other. Hoping to fill this void is Girls and Studs. This is a basic, but well put together site that, although not advertised as such, seems meant for marrieds and couples.


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There are two taglines for Girls and The first is "Hot girls fucking hot studs," and the second is "The sexiest porn you'll find." I don't know about the second tag line, but the first is pretty danged accurate; definitely the hot girls part.

One of the major things I like about this site, to a degree, is its simple layout. When you log in as a member, there are no distracting bells and whistles and confusing banners, or anything like that. There is simply an array of pic links which take you to videos. The pic links give you a great idea of what the video will likely be when you open it, and I like that. I am the kind of porn user that just wants to get right to the stuff I like, and that aspect of this site shines.

There are also some basic sorting tools, which can be good. You can sort by most recent, most watched, by theme, and by porn star. They should all be good, but the actual outcome of the tools could be better. Good, but not great.

As for content, I'd call this "couples porn." I don't know that it's intentionally meant for that audience, but it's clear that the talent chosen here is meant to appeal not only to men, but also to women. Well, at least I think so. The guys here are all lean and fit...but to be honest, sometimes they look a little effete to me. That might just be my opinion, however. The action is good, if not overly intense. It's not "pound the girl into the mattress" porn. Again, this makes me think that this might work for husband/wife and boyfriend/girlfriend duos.

The site is a mix of pics and videos. Videos stream and download in high res, up to 1080p, and photos max at 1280/1920, all very crisp. Download times are quick; technically, it's a solid site, although videos formats are limited.

Amount of content: 239 videos/198 photosets
Update frequency: 2-4 times a month
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1080p
Video types: wmv and mp4
Photo resolution: 1,280x1,920px
Available for mobile: No


If you're looking for something for you and your significant other to check out to spice things up in the bedroom, you may want to give a whirl. It's a nicely presented site, with some hot talent, and the action should appeal to the typical porn hound (read: guys) as well as married couples, and those in relationships. I should note that for what's here, the price is maybe a tad high. If you're not 100% sure about buying this site, though, there is a good trial price.

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