GBD Allizee Review

Review: August 17, 2006, by Abz
GBD Allizee

GBD stands for German Baby Doll and Allizee is a real German baby doll. Allizee's tour looks okay you can see some nice big sample pictures along with all the latest updates and up-coming pics and videos on the tour. Apart from that it's just Allizee saying she likes to look sexy and loves it when guys look at her. Lets go and take a look at her inside the members area.


Overall rating6.5

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Inside the members area of GBD-Allizee it looks okay no big flashy banners or adds to get in your way you certainly won't have any problems navigating your way around this site with a total of 7 links to click on: site news, pictures, videos, goodies, contact me, upcoming pictures, upcoming videos. Also listed running down the center of the main page are the latest galleries which btw didn't work and went to a 404 error page when I clicked them.

So click on pictures and you'll find 3 different picture categories to choose from studio pictures, homemade pictures and pictures with friends. Inside the studio pictures you'll find currently 18 different sets dating from Dec 2005 - March 2006. Each set holds different amounts of pictures ranging from 39 to 133. The pictures are all soft core tease shots of Allizee in sexy different outfits including hot pants, thongs, shiny black pvc, denim, short skirts etc. The pictures a absolutely ginormous in fact you can actually see the pours of her skin in some of the shots and they can be downloaded in a zip file for quick easy browsing.

In the Home Made picture section Allizee becomes a bit more daring with topless back and covered nipple shots and lots of sexy see through sheer underwear. This section holds the most pictures with 21 different sets dating from December 2005 - June 2006. Each set contains between 28 and 102 images that can also be downloaded as a zip file.

The final picture section is the Pictures With Friends unfortunately in here you'll only find one picture set from January 2006 with a total of 31 images of Allizee posing with her new girlfriend Hailey, once again the images are non nude soft core very large high quality images.

After the picture sections it all goes a bit downhill for GBD-Allizee. I clicked on videos but the video section is completely empty, maybe it's waiting for some updates unfortunately the upcoming video section doesn't tell me anything so I can't say if the site will have videos in the future or not.

Finally you'll see a contact section to request something for future photo shoots. Allizee says please don't contact her to say how nice her ass is though.


If your after very large softcore pictures of very sexy looking girls teasing the camera then you might want to try GBD-Allizee, other than how gorgeous Allizee looks and how long her legs are I can't really find anything else to say about this site apart from it was a bit dissapointing not to find any videos, but like I said before maybe it's just waiting for a video update.

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