Fantasy Girl Teens Review

Review: September 25, 2013
Fantasy Girl Teens

Fantasy Girl bills itself as "your ultimate teen fantasy site," with "fresh, young, perky" girls "waiting to have their virgin bodies touched." This tagline is probably a little over the top, but this site does have a stable of fresh young hotties getting nasty and naughty. It's a hardcore site with a sort of vanilla teen focus. I wouldn't say there's anything spectacular here, just good solid teen-focused porn. The action and talent are somewhat overshadowed by a few big downers, however.


Overall rating7.8

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FantasyGirlTeens is a new-ish site out of the network, and as the title indicates, it's focused on those sweet teens that many guys fantasize about. It's hard to go wrong when your focus is teenagers, and this site is mostly good.

That good starts with that hot young talent. Even though the title says it's a teen site, it's fairly obvious that not all of the girls featured here are teenagers. They're all young, no doubt; I doubt that there's a girl here over 25. But are all of them 18 or 19? Not so much.

But no matter, as they're all youthful. There's a mix of some "name" stars and some lesser known girls. The talent covers a broad spectrum of hotness, and is varied, but 80%+ of the girls here are very solid in terms of their looks. I wouldn't say there is a huge stable chock full of incredible hotness, but it's all good.

Like the talent, the action is "ok." I wouldn't say what's here blows my socks off, but it's good, solid porn. You'll see these girls fucking, giving blow jobs, getting eaten out, and all the standard action that you expect in porn. I hate to use the term "vanilla" to describe what's here, so instead, I'll use the term "vanilla plus." It's not bland, it's not super hot, but it's usable and it has spots where it gets pretty hot.

The site is also sort of plain in its presentation and supporting technical aspects. Upon logging in, you're presented with a simple menu system that directs you to the content. The home page is a little cluttered it could be better, but it's workable. The site could use some more sorting tools as well. It's all ok, improvements could be made.

One major quibble I have here is that videos are only available in flash streams. The streams are quick and resolution is good, but no video downloads is a big negative.

Amount of content: 79 videos/81 photosets
Update frequency: Daily
Exclusive content: No
Max video resolution: Unknown
Video types: Flash
Photo resolution: 1,500x1,000px
Available for mobile: No


The theme of my review of is "vanilla plus." There's nothing super exciting here, but it's not bad either. The talent is nice, the action is good solid porn with an occasional exclamation point, and layout of the site is usable. One major negative is that there are no video (or photo) downloads, so take note. Another negative (although minor) is that it's not actually 100% teens. There are a boatload of bonus sites, so that helps to add some value. There's a low cost trial, so if you're interested, try that first.

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