Down Blouse Loving Review

Review: March 18, 2011, by Jennifer
Down Blouse Loving

Inside Downblouse Loving they've got some hot downblouse shots of girls and their nice cleavage hanging out! These girls don't know it, but the camera is not just on them, but it's on their nice rack! You can see hours of exclusive scenes of girls getting caught with a little more hanging out than normally. Downblouse shots, nipple slips, titty peeks and so much more offered with these sexy girls from the UK.


Overall rating8

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Inside of the Downblouse Loving site, they've got a lot of text on the main page that tells you everything you need to know about being a member. They've got some special offers going on and the latest news that you need to know about the site updates. The site navigation is very easy to use and simple, they've got a menubar across the top of the site that has their videos, the latest updates and then contact information if you should need help. There are a few bonus links to other special offers.

I went to check out the updates, and I was very impressed by the sheer quantity that they have to offer. There are lots of hot downblouse scenes that are all exclusive to this site. Each of the girls are from the UK and they've got a whole lot to show! They have their own code whether it's a downblouse video or strictly a boob video, so the scenes are very easy to navigate.

The updates have all of the scenes listed by chronological date in which they have appeared on the site. They offer the models name and then you click into the update page and there are a bunch of different videos. Each girl has several videos and they're all downloadable WMV files. Each movie seems to be only around 2-3 minutes long though. It would be nice if they had a full length version of all of the movies put together, but instead they've got about 5-10 small clips that you must download. Streaming video is not available.

There is also a model index on the site that lists all of the girls that they've shot video of. You can see each video that each girl appears in. So if you have a favorite, they list all of her appearances. They also tell you a little bit about the girl and if they'll be adding more of her on the site. The site appears to be updated several times a week and the content is all exclusive with sexy girls from Britain. They're always looking for new talents and they add new fresh faces, and tits!, all of the time.


Down Blouse Loving is a great site for those who can appreciate the fine sight of a woman's cleavage. They've got all exclusive content and exclusive girls from the UK. They update several times a week with all new scenes. All of the videos are downloadable WMV files and they have several minutes of each girl. There is a full model index so you can choose from all of your favorite girls on the site.

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