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Review: March 15, 2007, by Gabrio
Cyber Erotica

As far as I can see, on the main page of there is a big list of hot porn stars and babes yet they are also giving you access to lots of other extras such as Adult Channels, and hot videos for your PSP or Ipod and now that makes me want to load mine with these hot videos! I have to say that I do not understand very well what is the main niche of this site so we will have to enter the members area to find that out.


Overall rating7.5

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The login button for the members area of Cyber Erotica is located in the lower part of the page and I have to say that it took me a few secs in order to find that out and when you enter the first home page you have to click a big link (why I have no idea....) and then the site said that they are detecting the speed of my connection and after a few moments the main page of the site appeared in front of me.

The main page looks very reach in content and there are lots of links at the top of the page: Home, Recently Added, Coming Soon, Most Popular, Favorites, Site Use/Help, Girls Of Cyber Erotica, Videos, Photos, DVD, Games, Live Girls, Ipod & PSP, Find Sex Partners, Adult Education, Contests, Games, Stories and Ezines & Toons so all in all lots of hot stuff! Right under that there is a welcome message for all new members and then they present Today New Updates and lots of other things too. At the right of the page there is a Message Center, Weekly Poll, Daily Sex Q & A and it appears that they update the site every day, that's great!

Since a few weeks ago I bought myself a PSP, I have decided to check out this section right away and the main page that opens you have a first a section for the Ipod and then there is the PSP section. I clicked one of those video clips and then you can download the .zip sets for each video, they are pretty large however the speed was around 300 k/sec which is not that bad. They are also giving you directions for uploading them to the small device from Sony....selection is quite nice!

Then I clicked Photos and on that page you have several sets, lots of babes and porn stars and each girl has more than one set available generally. For each photo you have several viewing options and a live show as well. Next I checked out the "Girls Of Cyber Erotica" and there are sexy porn stars there, first of all there is the hot latin girl Adriana Sage, her set was just smoking hot and then you just have to switch girl and check out more photos!


The members area of is really big and I have found many hot girls; the photos and videos have a good quality and I think that it will take you quite some time for checking them all. The video clips are good and they are also available at high definition. Make sure to get yourself a comfortable seat since you will be on this site for a very long time, enjoy your stay.

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