Cruelty Party Review

Review: November 19, 2010, by Steve
Cruelty Party

Cruelty Party is a reality site from the Porn Pros network where some very hot girls get completely out of control at wild parties! They turn their attentions to the poor male strippers in attendance at these parties, mocking them and humiliating them. These guys do get some perks of the job though - these girls are often quite happy to offer up their mouths and pussies to their enlarged cocks....


Overall rating7.3

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Please note that there is a pre-checked cross sales box on the join page of Make sure that this is unchecked if and when you join this site (or any others in the Porn Pros network) or you may incur additional charges.

Those Porn Pros guys and girls do seem to be constantly tweaking and adjusting their members' area navigation, and I think they have almost got it right now. Aside from a few too many ads dotted around, it all works very well indeed with some very good update information, including advanced previous. There are also reasonable descriptions of all the episodes here, as well as excellent A to Z listings of all the models in the site and network. My only slight problem is that the scenes do not list all of the girls that make an appearance - they only list the 'main' girl in them.

There are very good viewing options on all of the videos on the site. Flash streaming as well as .MPG, .MP4 and .WMV downloads are available on all videos here, for full length videos and shorter clips. The best quality videos play at a practically high definition 1200x720px. There are also high quality photos available on all episodes, available in a ZIP download, and usually sized at 638x850px. There were no ZIP downloads for the screenshot galleries though, and these images are usually sized at 720x480px. There are 34 episodes on board, with a new episode added fortnightly.

Porn Pros are always great fun with their sites, I find - they are definitely the type of porn I would recommend if you don't take it all too seriously, simply because they don't. This particular site of theirs falls into a similar bracket. It doesn't really do much with its 'cruelty' themes simply because the girls generally do not humiliate the guys nearly enough. As such, it loses something of its original idea as the guys never mind having to please or be pleased by several hot girls. Funny, that! That said, the scenes are very good and look very authentic, I have to say. It's that authenticity as well as the general chaos of the scenes that makes it so enjoyable.


This network never really lets you down for good quality hardcore action and that once again proves to be the case with The action is really great even if it is never really 'cruel' as such, and I really liked the way the videos were shot to make them look extremely authentic. The free trial is largely of no real interest, but this site and network are well worth a lengthy subscription.

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