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Review: May 5, 2009, by Gabrio
Club Katsuni

Club Katsuni is the official site of a pretty asian model and I like the layout of her website, looks clean and cool. As a member inside you will find all her hardcore videos and as far as I can read she also has a section where you can see more of her private life...if you are a fan of asians you should really look forward to checking out this one and if you are a true Katsuni fan you have to!


Overall rating6.5

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From what I could see from the tour, this website Club looks good, and inside the members area it looks even better. After you put in your username and pass you are taken to a first page that is fairly simple yet there is everything you need. At the top we have these items on the menu: Home, Videos, Photosets, My Fucking Private Life, Contact Me, Blog, Bonus Sites and Search/Browse - then at the center of the main table we have a recent post from her blog and then there is a section from her live shows but we don't have anything there at the moment.

Then if you move down a little bit you are going to find My Movies and My Photosets and this is about it when it comes to the main page. Back at the top, I clicked on the link for the Videos and in a short while I was taken to the page where you have all video updates with this sexy asian girl. For each video you have a 279x196 screen shot that shows you what's going on and there are several solo clips, then also lesbian videos and hardcore clips as well.

I couldn't resist to check out this clip where she is having a wild threesome with Daisy Marie, 2 hotties in one same video, priceless!! If you click on the main screen capture you will be taken to the download page where you have some more previews from the scene and then the download links and there is also a description that tells you how slutty these girls have been. When it comes about the download options, you have small clips in .wmv at 700 kbit, a full video quicktime download at 1000 kbit and if you really want the best, then go for the 2000 kbit DVD quality .wmv which is on the far right; on a side note, download speed wasn't the greatest and I only got 100 k/sec.

Back to the main videos page, we have a total of 29 videos and most of them are with other solo models. Then I moved to the photo sets, we have just 8 albums here and their quality looks pretty good but I have to add that browsing took ages. I moved to another section which is My Fucking Private Life and here you have nice backstage content and more.


ClubKatsuni has a nice layout and I liked the website and if you are a true fan of this sexy asian you better grab your membership right away; one thing that I did not like was the browsing speed and download speed in fact it was taking ages to open the pages and also the photos and of course the videos. The model likes to stay in touch with her fans and you can see that she keeps a regular updated blog where you can read her about travels and more.

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