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Review: May 12, 2011, by daniels
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Cheerleader Facials

Remember in highschool when you passed by that cheerleader in the hallway and you started to feel yourself get a stiffy? You know you used to wonder what it was like to fuck her brains you. Well thanks to you can see just what that experience would be like. These young sexy babes will suck, fuck, and do pretty much anything to taste and feel that hot sticky load of cum on their sweet little bodies. Inside you will get some of the best cheerleader scenes on the Internet today!


Overall rating6.8

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When you login and enter the member's section of the site, you will see that the navigation is so easy even the most novice viewer could find his/her away around. The main section of the page has all the recent updates for Cheerleader Facials. The site updates their videos on a weekly basis so you can come back frequently and always find fresh content for you to get yourself off with.

There is also a section on the main page that will tell you what updates will be coming to Cheerleader Facials and what date they are set to be uploaded. If you scroll down a little you will find that they have a list of the most popular girls found on the site. At the top of the page is an easy to use toolbar that you can use to find exactly what you are looking for. Here you can be redirected to other pages on the site such as movies, photos, even a list of all the beautiful girls that are on the site.

When you make your way to the movie section, you will find that to date there are only about 12 videos, but they are a fairly new site so give them some time. Each video is broadcast in high quality 720p HD and can be streamed to your desktop. Another pro to the movie section is that each movie can also be downloaded right to your computer for easy viewing when you are not online. The videos can be downloaded in either .MPG or .WMV format.

When you click onto the picture section of the site, you will see that you can view all of the screen caps from each of the videos. You can view these pictures in high resolution 1600 x 1200 pixels. Each set of photos can also be downloaded in a .ZIP file for easy viewing later.

When you sign up for your membership, you will have access to a ton of extras. These extras include access to erotic stories and even access to all of the sites on the same network! You get all of these sites for the price of one! With your membership you will also get special rates on memberships to 3 other sites that have teamed up with Cheerleader Facials.


Even though there is not a huge amount of content on Cheerleader right now, there is enough to show you just how amazing this site will be. With the constant updates this site provides, it will grow very fast. With all the extra sites you will have access to, the low monthly membership is VERY well worth it. Don't believe me? Sign up for the one day trial and see for yourself! I bet you will be coming back for more! Enjoy!

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