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Review: August 30, 2011, by Steve

Welcome to Celebrity Videos, a celebrity video clip, photo and screenshot archive featuring some of your favourite actresses, musicians and models. The beauty of this site is that you don't just get to see your favourite famous babe at their sexiest or naughtiest clips or photos, but you also get the chance to discover some ladies you may never have heard of before! No more sitting through boring shit to get to the rude stuff!

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There are currently around 2600 video clips and many hundreds of photo galleries as well. Updates are made every single day, usually several times a day. The navigation here is very good indeed considering this site is brand, spanking new and has only just been launched. Hopefully they will make the information regarding update dates more visible on each clip and gallery at some point, but there were no problems with the categories of action and content, nor with the model index that was on show. It was also very neat how they labelled any thumbnails that contained any HD content. The age ratings of the content were fun as well!

On those HD videos, you will find said videos playing at an awesome 1920x1080 ultra high definition format, and available for download as well in .AVI format. There are lower quality downloads to be had in the same format across all videos, with mobile designed .MP4 downloads also available. If you prefer to stream, Flash format videos here should sort you out. The photos and images varied in size on the site, really depending on the type of gallery.

I know that I'm usually critical of sites that do not really try to do anything original or new, but I almost always make an exception for celebrity clip sites because I just cannot get enough of them. I always find new stuff on them that I had not seen on any other sites, so more of them is always a good thing! It does help tremendously when said sites are as good as CelebrityVideos.com, though, and it's doubly impressive considering it has only just launched.

The video selection is VERY up-to-date and as someone who doesn't really watch much TV these days, I'm thankful to it for showing me the latest nude and sex scene that Anna Paquin has been in in True Blood. You should also be thankful that you can see Natalie Portman's ass from a scene in Your Highness without having to sit through that absolute turd of a movie - like I had to. See, not only is this a site packed with sexy clips, but it's also steering you clear of shitty films as well!


Celebrity Videos.com is going to be an absolutely awesome celebrity site, and is already pretty much all of the way there. Just a few kinks in the navigation and layout, which you would expect on any brand new site, need to be ironed out but when it comes to the basic content then this is a site that will easily sit alongside the very best in the genre of celebrity video sites.

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