Brutal Dildos Review

Review: November 15, 2007, by Gabrio
Brutal Dildos

Do you think that a girl will refuse having fun if she does not find a guy around? Absolutely not, the girls have other methods for having fun and they can have lots of fun with their toys, and of course I am speaking about dildos here. What you are going to find in this site is a pretty large collection of girls blasting themselves with some of the biggest dildos you can ever imagine. See you inside BrutalDildos.


Overall rating7.5

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Are you ready for checking out these massive dildo-girls fucking themselves? I really hope so...the link for the members area of the site is located at the bottom of the site and within a few moments you will be inside the main page of the members area ready for checking out content. The first thing you see is a welcome message and then you have a sexy photo of a chick...just by scrolling down the page a little bit you are going to find the list of content they have: Exclusive Pics And Movies, DVD Movies, Bonus Sites (movies & pics) and More Brutal Dildo Images. Finally you have also a DVD Store and a Toy Shop eventually and then there are 3 bonus sites that are the sites that are included with this membership.

I checked out the main section where they have the content from and it seems that the section is also updated daily, which is always a good thing if you ask me, right? The layout of the page is very simple and for each scene you have 4 screen shots that give you an idea of what is going on. The videos are avaialble either in .wmv or .mpeg format and in 3 different resolutions as well. All the girls scenes that you have in this section have the HUGE dildos as main feature, and it seems that this content is all exclusive, just like they have said on the previous page, and that is always a good thing.รน

For each scene you have the small segments together with the full movie download and of course there are also the photo galleries, which have high quality images and on a side note, I can see that the .zip download option is missing unfortunately. There are 5 pages that contain all the Brutal Dildos updates, some of the girls are looking hotter than the others and I think that they had the best ones on the page 1. If you get back to the main page, then I suggest you to check out their DVD movies page where you have full rips from DVDs in high quality.


This site has good exclusive content available and even if the layout of the site is really simple, I think that you are going to appreciate the contents of this site in the end. There is a good collection of galleries where the girls are having lots of fun with their massive dildos and you might want to have some fun with their sex toy store, who knows, maybe you are going to find something for spicing up your sex life?

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