Brit Bangers Review

Review: April 2, 2009, by Steve
Brit Bangers

Brit Bangers ventures over to the UK to find the best hardcore porn stars that Britain has to offer and their best videos. From identical twin sisters who can fulfil amazing desires to the lovely Angel Long, there are some hot, hot British babes on offer here. They're not as sexually repressed as you think and the X rated movies here will prove it, plus they promise over a hundred sensational extra sites as well1


Overall rating6.5

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BritBangers had the archetypal picture of Big Ben and references to Austin Powers on its tour pages that you see on almost all British porn sites. You know, I'm sure Britain probably has more to it than that! I didn't see any video samples, strangely, but you did get a pretty complete list of all the episodes you will find on the site. currently has 30 episodes on board but I don't think they've added any new scenes to the site since the start of 2006. So I guess there is no chance of any new updates then! Still, the site navigates well although it's probably too easy to get lost in the huge amounts of bonus sites and DVDs they have here. It goes to show that they're easy to access though!

The site offered up photo galleries / screenshot galleries with all of its video episodes but there are no .ZIP file downloads on any of them. The videos are available to stream on the site's in-browser system and I think these play at 640x480px. The highest resolution downloads played at 576x432px and there were .AVI, .WMV and .MP4 formats on offer for them.

Yeah baby! It's time to travel to the land of tea, cricket, Benny Hill and other British stereotypes for You can see why these guys make such a fuss about and headline their tour pages with two blonde twins called Sasha and Misha when you login. They actually feature in a lot of the videos on the site and you can see why! Their threesomes are by far the best thing on the site and I really couldn't get enough of these twin sluts!

Their videos come from the London Shaggers series of movies and all the videos on the site have been taken from prior released DVD series. The fact that you can go direct to the DVDs though means you can find any other British content on the site. The action is really hardcore here and there are some amazingly sticky facial cumshots doled out to these girls. The collection is a relatively small one though.


Brit shows that the guys and girls from the other side of the Pond are just as good at the fucking on film as anyone! Maybe they should have just given over the whole site to those twins though because once you see their videos, everything else just kinda pales in comparison! As long as you don't expect to see many updates on the site (because you ain't getting any!) and you always consider the bonus content when you subscribe to a site, then you'll enjoy this.

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