Best OTK Spankings Review

Review: February 3, 2010, by ruben
Best OTK Spankings

Best OTK Spankings is a brand spanking new site that is all about bad girls getting their asses beat by other bad girls. Panties don't ever stay on long and asses always end up cherry red. Enjoy the pleasure of watching these ladies get bent over and smacked until they scream in pain and beg for more. Enjoying what happens when young ladies just can't seem to behave like good girls.


Overall rating7.5

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The PornGantic network has built an interesting network of sites and you will have access to all of them with a membership to BestOTKSpankings. The sample page quickly lays out what awaits you inside the members area. Sample photos show hot amateur models getting scolded, humiliated and bent over. Enough ass and peek a boo pussy shots make you want to check this site out in a deeper way and get to know these bad girls better. To tempt you even more, thumbnails of 26 networks sites are featured the nasty sample collection.

Navigation is ridiculously simple here and content at this point is minimal because the site is so new. Currently, only five pages of videos are featured and each page features three movies that average about 10 minutes in length. There are no photos available at this point but that would be a nice feature to see at some point. Even a few in-your-face red ass still shots would be a nice touch. Stream the spankings straight away or take them to go in WMV format. The quality is crisp and the amateur feel is hot to watch.

I enjoyed the fact that these ladies seemed to really be getting disciplined. They seem to understand that they have been bad and they don't laugh as they get their asses blistered. These are girls that ignored their homework, stole boyfriends, screwed off at work and borrowed things without permission and they get their asses beat for being bad.

Look for the set featuring Heather Miller as the naughty God Daughter that keeps getting caught stealing. Her God Mother, Demi busts her right away as she walks in the front door and Heather Miller ends up bent over and begging for mercy. Her jeans come down quickly to expose a pair of innocent-looking pink cotton panties and those don't stay pulled up long at all. Demi smacks the life out of Heather's ass in this video and the whole scene is hot to watch. It is clear that Heather understands what is waiting for her if she screws up again. She is a bad girl and bad girls need to be beaten into understanding how to do the right thing at


There is a decent amount of content here for a rookie site. If you like your asses red and your girls getting disciplined, is your place to be. There is no indication when the next update will be be but it would be nice to see this site grow and add picture archives and other hot content. A bit of tit play and lesbian pussy eating would be welcome. You will want to subscribe to BestOTKSpankings mainly to have a key to the PornGantic network. The potential here is amazing if it can be grown and added to.

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