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Review: October 31, 2012, by Steve
Amateurity is a collection of homemade porn where anyone can upload their own explicit images or videos on the site - and you don't even have to be a member to submit your content. However, if you want to see more of what the other members have sent into the site then you can get a subscription and then you can check out the hundreds of galleries and videos they have on board!


Overall rating8

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Amateurity is a pretty well presented site for the most part even though, initially, it may not look as though it is all that well presented. Its design isn't great, for sure, but what is great about it is the fact that all the content is very well organised indeed and sorted in to some excellent categories. You can also easily sort these galleries and videos in to date order so that you can see what has been added. The descriptions on the galleries and videos are also superb.

There was a decent amount of viewing options on the site as well. The videos could be downloaded in full in MP4 format, which is quite a novelty these days on a genuine user submitted content site, and they could also be Flash streamed. The galleries were also available for ZIP download and the photos in these, inevitably, were rather unpredictable in their size and quality.

It is usually impossible to review a site like this properly mainly because how on earth is it possible for a reviewer to prove a site is handing out cash prizes for submitting videos of a high quality unless I did it myself? No-one is going to give me a cash prize for bearing my hairy arse in an amateur porn video either so it really is an impossible situation!

Outside of these concerns, though, this really is a very good site indeed. It does pride itself on being a "real amateur community" but as is always the case with sites like these, the community takes a pretty distant back seat to the actual content. It varies quite a lot in genre and quality (steer clear of a video titled 'Amazing lesbian toying action' unless you want an epileptic fit) but there are some diamonds in the rough.

Amount of content: 2,700+ videos and 1,200+ photo galleries
Update frequency: 3 videos per day and 3 photo galleries per day
Exclusive content: Yes
Maximum video resolution: 720x480px
Video types: Flash and MP4
Maximum picture resolution: Varies depending on gallery
Available for mobile: No

Conclusion is a very professionally put together amateur submissions site - for the most part. I'm not entirely convinced that the quality control or general quality of the content here is as good as it should be considering there are supposed to be cash prizes doled out to some videos here, but there is still rather a lot to enjoy here and there is a massive collection for you to dig through.

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