Adam and Eve TV Review

Review: August 24, 2015, by Steve
Adam and Eve TV

Adam And Eve TV is the official website of the famous porn company where you can stream their best TV shows and movies as well as watching brand new and exclusive content you won't find anywhere else! There are videos here for all different tastes so why don't you have a flick through their channels to see what's on? There's bound to be something to stop you hitting that dial!


Overall rating8

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NOTE - This site has a pre-checked cross sales box on its join page. Please make sure this is unchecked when you join or you may incur extra charges, unless you wish to accept their offer.

The user interface on this site was really rather good with lots of information about all the titles and performers on board. The only thing it was really lacking was some really visible update information, it was quite difficult to discern what had been added to this site and when. That said, the indexes were very good and the general layout was very nicely designed indeed.

The videos on this site are only available for streaming, which wasn't a huge surprise for a site such as this. That said, there are several different viewing options on all the videos and you can watch them in four different resolutions. The image galleries here are not available for ZIP download but the photos were generally of a very good quality indeed. isn't really a porn 'TV station' as the impression is initially given. Pretty much all the content on this site is just DVDs from this label split into 'episodes' although there are a couple of titles that I think could be labelled as such. Really, this is a fairly straightforward streaming porn site that has just presented its content differently.

That doesn't impact on how good it all is, however. This is still an absolutely terrific label with some brilliant titles behind it, a lot of which can be seen here. Grindhouse XXX is absolutely great! But for a label with such a long history, wouldn't it be reasonable to expect a more prolific update rate and larger collection than we have here currently? I think so.

Amount of content: 70 DVDs (300+ video scenes) and 300+ photo sets
Update frequency: 2 or 3 video scenes per week and 2 or 3 photo sets per week
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1920x1080px (HD)
Video types: Flash (streaming only)
Photo resolution: 1000x1500px
Available for mobile: Yes


I might quibble about the amount of titles here, but at a pretty nifty reduced membership fee, Adam And Eve is still a very good site indeed. Even more so because it's Adam And Eve and they have been producing fine content since before I was born. Yes, THAT long! Some awesome videos, great parodies and lots of big name porn stars to be found here on a site that deserves a look.

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